Marc Manier’s folio

UX UI Designer – Front web integrator

Marc Manier’s folio

Civiliz Products

Civiliz is an ecosystem of multiple products to help consumer to share reviews about their experience.

This webapp for iOS & Android was the main tool for nomad reviewer. We slowly killed this app to focus on the iPad to collect onsite feedbacks.

The mobile website is another tool to collect reviews on the fly.
Civiliz branding fades away, the result is a product with custom options and features for each client.

The iPad webapp is installed in the client places (spot, shop, expo, museum…). Visitor/customers can easily write a review or simply leave emotional feedback.

Except crucial interface elements, the app is widely and easily customisable. Last page is focused on user’s content. You can read previous reviews, vote and share.

Backoffice called Civiliz PRO is a web plateform to analyze and compare reviews and datas.

Here is an exemple of specific big screen integration to display reviews and various statistics.

  • Role UI UX Design, Art Direction

  • For Civiliz

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